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1st of November, 2016

Publisher - Contact details : is the exclusive propriety of EASYIN EUROP SASU company with stated capital of 1000 euros registered in France with the Meaux Trade and Companies Registery under number KBIS RCS 823.856.521.00013, NAF code: 4531Z.

Its head office is located 10, rue du Cercle des Poètes 77144 MONTEVRAIN, FRANCE

Phone number: + 33(0)

Email : [email protected]

CEO : Stéphane. Laurent GARNIER


EASYIN EUROP SASU company’s principal activity is selling EASYIN bike racks and accessories.

Website website is an online commercial site that is freely accessible through the Internet network.

EASYIN Products are exclusively intended to be sold to end consumers.

It is in english langage, and offers the possibility to its customers to purchase products and accessories intended for bikes, in a pleasant and ergonomic environment. is secured by :

Le Crédit du Nord


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EASYIN EUROP SASU company, owner and operator of the website is subject to a declaration to the CNIL (French data protection authority) under the number NS 48-N° 2010582 is hosted by OXATIS SA company 171 chemin de la Madrague Ville – immeuble Acropolis – 13002 Marseille

Personal data protection

CNIL declaration number NS 48-N°2010582

All the measures to protect personal data have been taken.

Please refer to General Terms and Conditions of Sale § 12.2, § 12.3, § 12.4, § 12.5

Intellectual Property

  1. All materials featured on the website (website, brands, drawings and models, images, texts, product designs…) are the exclusive property of EASYIN EUROP SASU.

    Images and photographs on the website are under copyright and intellectual property of EASYIN EUROP for the whole world.

    EASYIN EUROP will protect its ownership and copyright tenures, as well as the interests represented by the company.

You may not copy or use any material contained on the website, you may expose yourself to legal suits by EASYIN EUROP for infringement of property rights.

  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale contain no cession of any kind of its intellectual property rights on any element belonging to the EASYIN EUROP company or its partners (sounds, photographs, images, text, artistic works, programs, brands, graphic charter, logos,…) to the visitor.
  1. Every website’s visitor forbids himself from infringing directly or indirectly EASYIN EUROP or its partners property rights.


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